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Creative workshops facilitated by Daya Illustrations within community, educational and cultural institutes with a wide range of ages and abilities. Tailored workshops explore storytelling through the use of illustration, textile, recycled material and various creative mediums. As well as skill sharing, Daya encourages participants to explore their inner artist. 


Routes to Roots is a participation project inspired by Maya Productions musical Benny and The Greycats in partnership with Belgrade Theatre. The project was led by Reena Jaisaiah (performance) and Daya Bhatti. Creative workshops allowed young people to boost their confidence, self esteem and learn skills whilst creating a safe space for young people to share their stories. The youth group used the themes  (family, home, cultural identity and heritage), to create a collaborative visuals art and performance exhibition. 

Routes to Roots


Drop in Workshops delivered at The New Art Gallery Walsall, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Aston Hall, Warwick Arts Centre and more.

Community Workshops


The Cultures in Common project, part of the Birmingham Commonwealth 2022 Festival, connected local people with professional artists to celebrate the Edgbaston reservoir through creativity.  Daya facilitated workshops with The Saheli Hub Boat Racing team to share their story through creation of an illustrated and collaged sail made from textiles. The sail was carried through the procession at the celebration event. 

Image 3-4 © Janthra Photography

Cultures in Common

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