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Rickshaw Project

As the UK lead artist, Daya oversaw the design and decoration for Manchester Museum's 'Rickshaw' in South Asia Gallery. The Rickshaw connects South Asia with Manchester. Daya worked on visualising, developing and refining the selected themes and narratives into various creative designs collaborating with Helen Abdul and Saheba Shabnum. The project involved international collaboration with Z.A Saleh and mentoring by BD Lead Artist, Rickshaw painter, Syed Ahmed. Daya colourised and hand painted artist designs with Syed Ahmed to fit a custom colour palette of the Rickshaw. She overlooked the main design as well as the details of the Rickshaw maintaining the consistency of the visual look and incorporating the diverse styles of all artists. 

'Stories That Made Us'

Fashion illustration exploring British Asian Identity. A creative response to Hardish Virk's 'Stories That Made Us' archive. This fashion illustration reflects on British Asian identity collaging patterns and textile from the archive. Commissioned by Coventry Artspace.

Live Art 

Virtual Live Art for Newham Council Bon Voyage: A Spotlight on Migration and Identity. Artwork illustration made in real time in response to the speakers discussions.

Gift of Hope

'Gift of Hope' was a part of the 'Extraordinary People' portrait exhibition recognising selfless acts during the pandemic. Daya was commissioned by Preston Park Museum & Grounds to work with and create a portrait of Sahida Ditta, founder of the Amal Project, who provides food hampers to vulnerable BAME communities. The portrait was painted on a  ‘Bag for Life’ to represent the bags that were used to deliver the food hampers, whilst the animation brought the narrative of Sahida’s hard work to life. 'Gift of Hope' is part of Preston Park Museum & Grounds permanent collection.

Portrait of Princess Catherine Hilda and Sarah Parker Remond

Illustration of Princess Catherine Hilda Duleep Singh and Sarah Parker Remond, part of Don’t Settle: Pens to Paper Zine. The commission entailed colourising and painting two historical figures from two individual grayscale images and combining them into one illustration. Commissioned by Beatfreeks.