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Visually communicating narratives through textile, pattern, fashion and mark making.

The Life of a Woman

A project exploring the cycle of issues South Asian women face from birth such as society's evil eye, being a burden (dowry), gender bias and abuse. After marriage the cycle begins again if a girl is born. The narrative was illustrated on textile using patterns and symbolism.

Fashion Illustration

Fashion illustrations inspired by India designers like Sabyasachi Mukherjee & Anita Dogre conveying traditional outfits and patterns in a traditional painting. The Wizard of Oz Birmingham Rep Theatre Brief also communicated through fashion Illustration.

Editorial Illustration

Responding to song lyrics and magazine articles communicating through conceptual illustration and expressive mark making.

Sabyasachi x Daya Illustration

A self initiated brief combining Daya Illustrations with Sabyasachi Fashion and Photography. 

Portrait Patterns

Reimagining Bollywood: Portraying Iconic Bollywood Characters through a pattern lens. Creating patterns from portraits for quirky design of