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Daya Illustrations is a visual artist based in the West Midlands. Daya explores her Indian cultural heritage and identity as well as learning and conveying stories from other South Asian communities bringing light to underrepresented stories. Her practice varies from portraiture, fashion illustrations and animations to painting, textiles and the use of recycled materials. She explores the significance of traditions, history, and social issues, while delving into the intricate complexities and authentic experiences of the hybrid British Asian identity. Her art not only expresses her connection with culture but also the value to generations before and alongside her. Excavating inspiration from history and heritage combined with a contemporary visual look; fashion inspired colours and patterns are used to depict a unique interpretation. Daya aims to invite audiences into a world where visual stories are told through the eyes of a British Asian female who is reconnecting with her roots as well as creating a safe space for others to explore their own identity.


Daya has a first-class Visual Communication: Illustration degree. She has exhibited in various galleries across the UK alongside facilitating creative workshops and taking on commissions from clients such as Manchester Museum and Preston Park and Museum which featured on BBC News. 

Feel free to contact Daya for bespoke portrait commissions, hand painted clothing, purchase of artwork, commercial work or collaborations.


St Mary's Guildhall Hardish Virk 'What We Wore' | 2023

Multistory 'Assembly' | 2023

The Core Theatre 'Small is Beautiful' | 2023

Manchester Museum South Asia Gallery 'Rickshaw'| 2023

Manchester Museum Lead Artist 'Rickshaw Project' | 2022

The New Art Gallery Walsall ‘West Midlands Open’ | 2022

Wells Maltings 'I Matter' | 2022 

a Space Arts GHT | 2022 

Artefact Stirchley | 2021

Boomer Gallery | 2021

Peterborough Museum ‘I Matter’ |  2021

Birmingham Contemporary Art Gallery | 2021

Preston Park Museum & Grounds  Permanent Collection | 2021

Preston Park Museum & Grounds 'Extraordinary People' | 2021

Laura I Gallery 'Art of Adornment' Virtual Exhibition | 2021

Babylon Gallery 'I Matter' Virtual Exhibition |2021

Ikon Gallery | 2021

MostrArt Spain 'Social Media Exhibition' | 2020

Featured in Asiana Magazine | 2020

BBC Dance Festival | 2019

Birmingham New Street | 2018

Youthquake | 2018

Birmingham Reperatory Theatre 'Wizard of Oz' | 2018

International Dance Festival 'Torro' | 2018

Parkside BCU  'Fashion Illustration' | 2018

Birmingham Reperatory Theatre 'Amedee' | 2017

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